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Lease to Own and Real Estate Services

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Lease to Own Program

Welcome to the Lease Purchase Program offered through the Davis Group Real Estate Team for Southern California. This program allows qualified renters to lease a home they want to own and purchase it at a later date. 

Who is this program for – people with steady sources of income looking for a house to lease that they may one day want to own. 
Who should apply – those who meet the basic criteria to get lease approval;
Steady verifiable income
No evictions 
An acceptable credit score of 620 or higher
What is lease approval – applicants must apply for a lease with us. There is a $35 non-refundable application fee to initiate the process. 
What is a lease approval with us – once approved the applicant will be given a maximum rent amount.  The Davis Group will take the maximum loan amount and determine how much house it will allow you to purchase.
What happens next – The Davis Group will look at where you want to live, what kind of house you want, and what is available in that area. Our program does not work in every community but we will let you know where we can look for your new home.

Why Look for a House Now

If you are looking for your own place to call home why rent when you can be a homeowner? Consider the benefits of working with us;
1) We meet and discuss how many bedrooms, bathrooms, and other features that are important to you so our search can be precise.
2) We look at homes in areas you want to be near – areas with schools, shopping, and good for families to raise their children in.
3) We work with many lenders who can help you to be prequalified for your next home loan.
4) We encourage you to look for homes in areas you would like to live in.
5) When you have a home to sell we work to get you the best price. When you buy we negotiate to help you get the lowest price.
6) You will have a team of professionals on your side to ensure you have a smooth transition.

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Rental Properties Nationwide

The Davis Group Real Estate Team owns and manages a portfolio of rental properties in different United States cities. We have single-family homes along with apartments in various types of buildings. If you are looking for a rental home in Alabama, Ohio or Indiana contact us and we will provide a list of available rentals. Some of our properties are lease-to-own with options for tenants to own a home over time.

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